Mangshi is a relatively small city close to the border of Myanmar. Located an hour flight from Kunming and approx. 5 hours drive from Dali and 7 from Lijiang. The area is well known for their agricultural sub tropical environment. You find the local market, villages and 100% local culture. The modernization can be seen and felt but around the corner you merge immediately with the old and still existing traditions. The beauty and pureness of Mangshi and its surroundings are still unknown to many people but so easy accessible for you by airport or bus.

Check out the following two video's  (our family performed in them). These video's will show you the beauty and uniqueness of the area where DOXA guesthouse is located.

Click on the these links,  Video 1 and Video 2


  • Visit the water splash festival half April and be part of one of the
  • wettest festivals in the world (april)
  • See the Pagoda wrapped inside a Tree
  • Enjoy the view of the beautiful rainforest waterfall
  • Visit with Christmas and see how the local people celebrate Christmas (dec)
  • Make trips to the mountains and awesome remote minority villages
  • Feel and experience the culture of the local minorities which is so different then yours
  • Experience the local market with its flavors and different ingredients
  • Visit the the Jingpo minority festival called munaozhongge and see the beautifull minority people in their full dress (jan-feb)
  • Taste the great flavors of the different types of beautiful food you have never eaten before
  • Treat yourself for a foot massage or head massage at the hair dresser
  • The national park is amazing
  • The mountain caves are so intriguing
  • Visit with Chinese new-year and be blown away by how Chinese people celebrate their new year (jan-feb)
  • Our staff welcomes you to explore and discover!

For more travel information and other details please call our number or e-mail us.

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